If you do not care for your health every day, one day you will sacrifice a lot of time for the disease.

Sebastian Kneipp

Since 1990 we focus products for perfect cleanliness for both households and industry. In 2013 we quit our very successful cooperation with an American company and started to establish our own product range. Driven by the idea to find further possibilities to create well being in homes also in the health sector.

Today TARAS® worldwide expanded to an international project. Represented in more then 12 federal states in Germany, more than 7 European states and 2 branches in Asia we are growing day by day.

We have established an ongoing enhancement and improvement on all our products. Healthiness in collaboration with nature is a very big and complex issue. It is our mission to find solutions for as many sectors in the household as possible with our innovative products. 

Our top product - thermoAS (click to view video)